Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Taking stock

In common with many other crafts people, I've been finding that sales are sadly lacking at the moment. This has led to me putting pressure on myself to produce 'that' item, the one that's going to turn it all around. As a result I'm feeling uninspired and lacking enthusiasm. Sooo, I decided to take some time out. I've taken the pressure off  and allowed myself to not do any craft work, unless I feel inspired to do so of course. I'm using this time to sort out my workroom, goodness knows it needs it!  I'm taking stock, regrouping and deciding where to go from here. I don't want to stop making bags; I enjoy it too much, but much as I love making things I'm also trying to make a living so I need sales! Clearly, in the current economic climate, what I'm making is not what people want to buy. I need to come up with a new strategy. So until I have that all important 'light bulb' moment, I'm going to spend a little time building up my stock of home ware items. All the things I planned on making at the beginning of this year but somehow didn't find the time for.

I have lots of ideas for things to make and am feeling good about making something other than bags. I am one of those people who like to dabble in lots of different things, in fact there is not much that I haven't made at one time or another. I've made clothes and soft furnishings, I've knitted and crocheted, made cards (including my Son's wedding invitations), I've even re-caned (is that the right term?) a chair seat. I would love to have a serious go at jewellery making but there's only so many hours in a day and so much space in my workroom, which also has to double up as the Office and a spare bedroom - hence the need for a serious sort out! I'm hoping that after a break from making bags I'll return to it with renewed enthusiasm and lots of new ideas, though I've a suspicion that I'll still manage to sneak in a bag or two before then.

Wish me luck!



  1. I'm in the same situation. Not that I ever had mountains of sales, but the search for that one creation that's going to make people want to part with their money is ongoing. I'm sorry to hear that your sales are down, but it's nice to know it's not just me. Rotten economic downturn! *blows raspberry*

    Here's to renewed inspiration and lightbulb moments! And to doing what we love because we love it!

  2. Ali, thanks for the empathy, it is nice to know that 'it's not just you' isn't it? On the positive side, if we just hang in there things can only get better!