Friday, 18 May 2012

Folksy Friday - Storage

This week the Friday Folksy theme is storage. Let's face it , this is something that only a lucky few have enough of! I know I don't! No matter how much storage I buy, my house is still full of bits and pieces that have no home of their own. I especially dream of having a workroom where everything has it's place (and stays there) and all my fabrics and trims are displayed in neat labelled cubby holes. It'll never happen though! Lets see what the Folksy search turned up......

What a great idea! A DVD storage Coffee table by Wishbone Crafts

How about this storage carousel for all you card makers out there! It's from  Hillside Crafts

Next up a shabby chic Butlers storage cutlery tray from  shabbytochic2011 unique designs!!

Great storage for all your bits and bobs by Specialcraft4you

A handy  4 pair welly rack from Works-in-Wood

A large Watercolour brush stand for all you artists by Pancaldi Classics

Love this Kitchen storage unit from Chapel Crafts

 'Treet' yourself with this Douglas Fir tree bookcase by Erin Rose

A handy nappy stacker from  Elm Tree Studio

and finally from me a cosmetic /toiletry bag  Wild Rose Designs

Friday, 11 May 2012

Folksy Friday - Weddings

As we're heading towards June which is the traditional month for getting married, this weeks theme is Weddings. It's been a very long time since I got married, and things have changed a lot in that time. Getting married is a really big deal now! I don't mean that it was never an important step in someones life, I'm thinking that commercially it is now a huge occasion. When I got married back in the seventies, money was tight. My Mother-in-Law made my dress (she was a dressmaker), and we hired the Church Hall and did all the catering ourselves, with a little (a lot of) help from our families. There was no bar, we bought the drink and the hire of the glasses came free, we did hire a DJ and that was about it. Nowadays, there are balloons, wedding favours and many other things that are now considered to be essential for a Wedding. There is no shortage of fabulous handmade Wedding essentials to be found on Folksy, here are just a few.....

First up is this gorgeous Wedding Horseshoe from  Imogen Rose Design

For sheer beauty and extravagance  a Bridal Veil made by  SarahMorganBridal

A beautiful Tree of Life Wedding Album by  Dottie Designs

A stunning 1920's flapper style diamante headband by  Made by Lawrie

A lovely Woodland Fairy Wedding Cake Topper from  Lovely Bertie

A striking  red Rose Wedding Buttonhole from  Crystalvelvetuk

Wow! I love this stackable ring set from Nadina's Handmade Stackable rings

A beautiful Ring Bearer Pillow by  My Vintage chic

Ooh La La! How about this garter from  Thigh Candy

A stunning Crystal Wedding Bouquet by  Weddings By Ring O Roses

How about these Wedding Favour Bird Houses from  artangel

And lastly a pretty Bridesmaids bag from me,  Wild Rose designs

It was so hard to choose from the many gorgeous items available on Folksy, it took me ages! Hope you enjoyed looking at them!

Linda x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Making a Scented Heart

I thought it was about time for another tutorial, this time it's on making a very simple scented heart. These lovely hearts are very easy to make and can be made by hand if you don't have access to a sewing machine. They are simple enough for a child to make and would be a lovely gift for them to give to a friend or female relative.

First, you need to cut out your heart shapes, they do not need to be a perfect heart shape, you can draw a freehand heart....sometimes the quirkier the better!

Next place wrongs sides together and sew all round about 1cm from the edge making sure to leave a gap so that you can fill with wadding. At the beginning and the end sew back and forth a couple of times to make sure the stitching doesn't come undone. Also if you are adding a hanging loop you can sew it in at this stage.

Now fill your heart, I have used polyester wadding. For the fragrance you can add some dried lavender or you can sprinkle a few drops of Essential Lavender Oil on a small piece of felt and place in the centre of the heart.

Now carefully sew up the gap making sure that none of the filling escapes.

If you want you can use pinking shears to give a decorative edge to the fabric, this will also help stop it fraying as much. It might be a good idea to do this before sewing the fabric pieces together otherwise you may snip off the loop! Your scented heart is now ready for use or if you want you can sew on  buttons and or bows. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Folksy Friday - In the Pink

This weeks Folksy Friday's theme is 'In the pink'. Much as I dislike all the 'Barbie' pink that is aimed at little girls nowadays, I am quite fond of all the various other shades of this colour. Here's this weeks selection... enjoy.

First up, an amazing pink bouquet card from CardsAndBooks

How about a baby pink bird box from Lottie Lou Jewellery and Crafts

A fab pink lustre sweetheart bowl by POTSTOP

Wow! How about this gorgeous dress from Dig For Victory

Oooo couldn't resist these baby bootees from Candyfloss

Love this chenille bag from Beautiful Bags by Sally Ann

A really cute pink pig toy from Nettimadeit

A beautiful cowl shawl by thebigKnit

A lovely pink chrysanthemum soap from SoapyChicaSoaps

And lastly from me, a cute and girly pink bag  Wild Rose Designs

Hmm, I may have to use this theme again, there are so many gorgeous pink things in Folksy!

Thanks for looking,

Linda x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Wedding section

When I first started selling online, most of my bags were 'Occasion' bags, after all they were what had inspired me to start up Wild Rose Designs in the first place. Gradually I started adding everyday bags and about this time last year I decided to add a Wedding section. Although I added a few designs I didn't really focus on it and eventually I stopped making them and phased the Wedding section out completely. I've recently decided to give it another go and have just started to list a few Wedding items including bags, and some hair accessories. This time round I'm determined to give it my full attention and will be adding more designs as soon as I can make them. If there is anything you think I should be making, please let me know.

 Thanks for reading
  Linda x

'Heather' cream silk beaded bag
'Valerie' Ivory silk bag with wrist strap

Blue organza Corsage
Hair comb decorated with faux pearls
Hair comb decorated with clear and Amethyst coloured diamante