Thursday, 6 December 2012

Folksy Friday - Evening bags

Now that the party season is here I've decided that this weeks theme should be Evening Bags. Evening bags are why Wild Rose Designs exists! They are where I started -  I don't really have the kind of social life where I need lots, but I do love them! So here are my choices for this week, enjoy..


Love this pretty knitted clutch from  Metamorph

Gorgeous colours in this bag by  Busy Blue Cat

Can't resist blue, it's my favourite colour, and this beautiful clutch is from  ciesse textiles

This is so pretty! It's by  Nancy Said

This lovely pink satin bag is from  Velveteen

Love this simple little clutch by  Beledien

Who could resist this heart shaped felt bag from  Suki Felts

Stunning colour! It's by  suzie Q designs

Wow! How long must this have taken to make?  It's from  Adelaide Pears

And lastly a pink satin bag from me  Wild Rose Designs

I hope you enjoyed looking at my selection, and maybe it's given you a few ideas..