Wednesday, 27 June 2012

As a follow on from my 'Taking Stock' post I thought I'd update you on my first makes. But heaven help me they're still bags, sort of! I suppose I'm just easing myself gently out of bag making. I'd decided to make some iPad sleeves, so many people have them nowadays ( iPads that is ), though sadly I'm not one of them yet. My first one was designed to have handles to make carrying easier and the second was a straight forward fully enclosed sleeve. 

                                                           Cut out but not yet made up

                                                                        Finished item

Second design in a pretty shabby chic fabric

Which style do you prefer?


Friday, 22 June 2012

Folksy Friday - Roses

I'm a bit late with this weeks Folksy Friday, I completely forgot about it, so this weeks has got to be a rush job. I've picked roses as this weeks theme, they are one of my favourite flowers and it is my middle name! I especially love the old fashioned roses a la David Austin. The blooms are stunning and the scents are out of this world! Against them the Hybrid Tea pales into insignificance.
Anyway here is this weeks pick... enjoy!

Wow! First up is this amazing retro telephone from  Love Kitty Pink

Next is a lovely Sterling Silver rose pendant by  jemimalumley

What little girl could resist this pretty Fairy Crown from  Annabella

Love this 'English Rose' print by  Robyn Coney Art

This is a very pretty quilt from  Sweet Bee Quilts

This is a gorgeous little dress by  Caras Creations

How about this vintage decoupaged Sewing box table from  Mama So Chic

Some pretty rose bunting from  Maisy Lee Designs

A lovely Rose Tote by  Ann Chandler Originals

And lastly some scented sachets from me  Wild Rose Designs

Thanks for stopping by    Linda

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Taking stock

In common with many other crafts people, I've been finding that sales are sadly lacking at the moment. This has led to me putting pressure on myself to produce 'that' item, the one that's going to turn it all around. As a result I'm feeling uninspired and lacking enthusiasm. Sooo, I decided to take some time out. I've taken the pressure off  and allowed myself to not do any craft work, unless I feel inspired to do so of course. I'm using this time to sort out my workroom, goodness knows it needs it!  I'm taking stock, regrouping and deciding where to go from here. I don't want to stop making bags; I enjoy it too much, but much as I love making things I'm also trying to make a living so I need sales! Clearly, in the current economic climate, what I'm making is not what people want to buy. I need to come up with a new strategy. So until I have that all important 'light bulb' moment, I'm going to spend a little time building up my stock of home ware items. All the things I planned on making at the beginning of this year but somehow didn't find the time for.

I have lots of ideas for things to make and am feeling good about making something other than bags. I am one of those people who like to dabble in lots of different things, in fact there is not much that I haven't made at one time or another. I've made clothes and soft furnishings, I've knitted and crocheted, made cards (including my Son's wedding invitations), I've even re-caned (is that the right term?) a chair seat. I would love to have a serious go at jewellery making but there's only so many hours in a day and so much space in my workroom, which also has to double up as the Office and a spare bedroom - hence the need for a serious sort out! I'm hoping that after a break from making bags I'll return to it with renewed enthusiasm and lots of new ideas, though I've a suspicion that I'll still manage to sneak in a bag or two before then.

Wish me luck!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Folksy Friday - Smells good

This weeks folksy Friday is all about aroma! Smell plays a very large part in all our lives, nice smells entice us  and bad ones repel us. How often have we been advised to put on the coffee and have bread baking in the oven when potential house buyers are viewing? We put on perfume to attract, and plants use scent to attract bees. Smells can even reawaken old memories, The smell of wax crayons always remind me of infant school and the smell of baby talc reminds me of when my children were small. Coconut brings memories of Summer holidays and the smell of newly cut grass takes me back to my childhood. So smell or aroma is important to us, it enhances our lives, what a dull place the world would be without it.

Here's this weeks selection, I hope you enjoy it.

First up is a pretty scented cake pendant from Cutiepies

Love these vanilla scented sheep soaps by Bits N Bobs

A beautiful Hare Perfume locket from Wychbury

Next an elegant Art Deco Perfume pen by Hitch's Homeware

A delicately perfumed New Baby Bouquet containing a bib, socks, hat etc, from Petals & Polka Dots

A lovely candy floss scented Vintage Tea Cup Candle from  The Little Green Bird

A gorgeous hand sculpted Beeswax 'Wild Rose' Candle (I couldn't not choose this one!) It's from The Cobweb Design Company

How about this delicious looking Bath Bomb by  Just Bev Soaps

As it will be Fathers Day this weekend here's something for the men, an Irish Stout shaped shaving soap, the white is shaving soap, the black is a shower soap - ingenious! This one's from Scent Cosmetics

And lastly from me there is a pair of lavender scented hearts  Wild Rose Designs

Thanks for looking,


Friday, 8 June 2012

Folksy Friday - Kitchen

Haven't blogged for a while as I've been on holiday, so my first post is for Folksy Friday. Inspired by the fact that I made some cakes to take to a Jubilee street party, this weeks search term was 'kitchen'. Here is just a taster of  what I found....

First up is a cupcake chalkboard from  The Scrummy Yummy Shop

Next we have a gingham heart tea cosy by  Gingham Designs

A great owl pot holder from  valjadesign

A gorgeous olive oil decanter by  Rupert Blamire Ceramics

Next a bright and colourful glass worktop saver from  Ajp Creations

A shopping bag printed with a phrase I hear all too often!!  By   antimacasser

Love this chic apron from  Rosie Ann vintage inspired aprons and dresses

A beautiful Oak cheese board  by  The Chopping Block Co

 Hand thrown mugs from  Sue Juncal Ceramics

And finally a fabulous butchers block by  Felt Mountain Studios

Hope you enjoyed my selection, thanks for looking,