Friday, 15 June 2012

Folksy Friday - Smells good

This weeks folksy Friday is all about aroma! Smell plays a very large part in all our lives, nice smells entice us  and bad ones repel us. How often have we been advised to put on the coffee and have bread baking in the oven when potential house buyers are viewing? We put on perfume to attract, and plants use scent to attract bees. Smells can even reawaken old memories, The smell of wax crayons always remind me of infant school and the smell of baby talc reminds me of when my children were small. Coconut brings memories of Summer holidays and the smell of newly cut grass takes me back to my childhood. So smell or aroma is important to us, it enhances our lives, what a dull place the world would be without it.

Here's this weeks selection, I hope you enjoy it.

First up is a pretty scented cake pendant from Cutiepies

Love these vanilla scented sheep soaps by Bits N Bobs

A beautiful Hare Perfume locket from Wychbury

Next an elegant Art Deco Perfume pen by Hitch's Homeware

A delicately perfumed New Baby Bouquet containing a bib, socks, hat etc, from Petals & Polka Dots

A lovely candy floss scented Vintage Tea Cup Candle from  The Little Green Bird

A gorgeous hand sculpted Beeswax 'Wild Rose' Candle (I couldn't not choose this one!) It's from The Cobweb Design Company

How about this delicious looking Bath Bomb by  Just Bev Soaps

As it will be Fathers Day this weekend here's something for the men, an Irish Stout shaped shaving soap, the white is shaving soap, the black is a shower soap - ingenious! This one's from Scent Cosmetics

And lastly from me there is a pair of lavender scented hearts  Wild Rose Designs

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