Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Wedding section

When I first started selling online, most of my bags were 'Occasion' bags, after all they were what had inspired me to start up Wild Rose Designs in the first place. Gradually I started adding everyday bags and about this time last year I decided to add a Wedding section. Although I added a few designs I didn't really focus on it and eventually I stopped making them and phased the Wedding section out completely. I've recently decided to give it another go and have just started to list a few Wedding items including bags, and some hair accessories. This time round I'm determined to give it my full attention and will be adding more designs as soon as I can make them. If there is anything you think I should be making, please let me know.

 Thanks for reading
  Linda x

'Heather' cream silk beaded bag
'Valerie' Ivory silk bag with wrist strap

Blue organza Corsage
Hair comb decorated with faux pearls
Hair comb decorated with clear and Amethyst coloured diamante

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