Friday, 18 May 2012

Folksy Friday - Storage

This week the Friday Folksy theme is storage. Let's face it , this is something that only a lucky few have enough of! I know I don't! No matter how much storage I buy, my house is still full of bits and pieces that have no home of their own. I especially dream of having a workroom where everything has it's place (and stays there) and all my fabrics and trims are displayed in neat labelled cubby holes. It'll never happen though! Lets see what the Folksy search turned up......

What a great idea! A DVD storage Coffee table by Wishbone Crafts

How about this storage carousel for all you card makers out there! It's from  Hillside Crafts

Next up a shabby chic Butlers storage cutlery tray from  shabbytochic2011 unique designs!!

Great storage for all your bits and bobs by Specialcraft4you

A handy  4 pair welly rack from Works-in-Wood

A large Watercolour brush stand for all you artists by Pancaldi Classics

Love this Kitchen storage unit from Chapel Crafts

 'Treet' yourself with this Douglas Fir tree bookcase by Erin Rose

A handy nappy stacker from  Elm Tree Studio

and finally from me a cosmetic /toiletry bag  Wild Rose Designs


  1. Super theme and especially useful for me, just got my first house so great finds, thanks for sharing :D x

  2. Great selection. I need that welly rack, and the tree shelves are great x

  3. This is great. Some super ideas for storage. I definitely need to come up with some storage solutions for my craft/laundry/office/guest room as there is craft stuff everywhere!

  4. You should see my work room/office/guestroom, the bed is piled high with totes full of fabric!

  5. Some really lovely ideas. I particularly like the cutlery tray and kitchen storage unit. Thank you for sharing :)

  6. great finds - I love the welly rack!

  7. Really lovely but I want them all now!!! Really love the welly rack!