Monday, 19 March 2012


I'd recently had a clear out at home and discovered some long forgotten fabric.There was yards of it! I'd bought it some years earlier intending to make some kitchen curtains. Well needless to say, the curtains were never made and the fabric languished in a trunk in the loft.

 What on earth was I going to do with all this material? I made one bag but obviously there was still tons of it left. I've decided that I will probably make a set of cushions, but there will still be loads left. Then I Had a light bulb moment!  It would be ideal for a summery shopping bag. Nothing fancy, just a basic bag that you can keep in the car or even folded up in your usual handbag if it's big enough. I always try to keep some sort of shopping bag on me when I'm out, then I don't have to use a plastic carrier bag if I decide to buy something. Just my little contribution to the environment.

So here it is. It's fully lined and  interlined and the handles long enough to fit over your shoulder.


I have listed five of them in my Folksy shop, all in the same fabric, though the linings will differ.

So why not do your bit, ditch the plastic and buy a real 'bag for life'! It doesn't have to be one of mine (though I'd prefer it if it was) just so long as you get one....

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  1. I love this fabric, so colourful it would cheer up the greyest day, lovely design too!