Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Moo cards have arrived!

I've recently changed web hosts, and so when setting up my new website I wanted  it to have an easily recognisable identity, one that would go with my Folksy shop. I decided to use my Folksy banner in my new website and also on my Business cards. I duly had new business cards printed at Vistaprint and was generally pleased with them.
Last week Folksy announced that they were joining forces with Moo and Fred Aldous to launch a partnership offer. The Moo offer was for 50 free business cards - you only had to pay P&P. I'd heard people rave about Moo business cards so I thought I'd take up the offer and see what all the fuss was about.
Yesterday my cards arrived, I must say that the service is much quicker than Vista Print. The cards themselves are bigger and of a better quality card. You are also able to have a selection of designs on the back at no extra charge. This quality is obviously reflected in the cost of having the cards printed. The big question is; are they worth it, do I go for the Moo cards in future.........what do you think?

The Vistaprint cards are at the top, the other six are the Moo cards.



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  1. I love Moo cards, I've got the mini cards and as I don't get the opportunity to give them out in large amounts I find the cost it worth it.