Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My first craft fair!

A couple of months ago, I finally took the plunge and booked a table at my first craft fair! It's something I've been putting off for about a year now, but I decided that if I want to get my name 'out there' then it was really time to face the public and let them see my makes 'up close and personal' as it were. I'm really excited about selling my items direct to the public, but there is a part of me that is more than a little nervous. Selling on line is so solitary and you are cocooned from any criticism or unfavourable comparisons. Seeing your customers face to face seems somewhat daunting, I've worked in shops before, but selling your own work is different. It's easy to sing the praises of someone else's work, singing your own is a different kettle of fish! Though I'm sure any customers I may have will be lovely. Obviously I'm hoping to cover my costs and more but even if I don't I'm sure I'll learn from the experience. I've already booked for a further two in the run up to Christmas so that any tips I pick up will be put to good use. I'm going to take my camera and will take lots of pics on the day to put in a later post and maybe I'll even include one of me if any of them are half decent!

The craft fair is going to be in Worthing on the 13th October from 10 till 4,  so if any of you are in the area, please do pop in and say hello (there's no entrance fee) and there's even a coffee shop on site. The venue is The Lime Cafe @St.Pauls, Chapel Road, Worthing.

Hope to see you there!


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  2. Hi Linda

    Good luck with your craft fair, I'm sure you will do well. In my very short experience, even if you don't sell a huge amount, people generaly have nothing but nice things to say, so don't worry!

  3. Good luck with the fair. Remember to take something to drink and nibbles