Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My new toy

My trusty Janome sewing machine finally bit the dust. I was in the middle of making a new bag when I noticed smoke and the unmistakable smell of electrical burning! I switched it off at the socket and unplugged the machine only to find that part of the lead had burnt off and was melted into the machine!! I know I'd had it for the best part of twenty years and had thought that when sales picked up that I might possibly upgrade, but I wasn't thinking it would be so soon.

My poor defunct Janome machine

So I had no choice - it was time to go shopping!    :-)  :-)  :-)

I posted on the forum at Folksy to ask the lovely people over there for some suggestions as to what machine to get, and as usual they were all very helpful. I eventually decided on a Silver 9000E. It is computerised with over 200 stitches including embroidery and 3 Alphabet fonts. It also comes supplied with practically every sewing foot you can think of including a walking foot, and it sews through thick layers. The deal clincher was the price, £299 which is about £100 cheaper than comparable machines. I bought it online and got free next day delivery and a free gift! What more can a girl ask for?

So far it's working like a dream and I love the 'needle down' option.

My shiny new Silver 9000E !


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