Monday, 13 August 2012

Finally booked a stall

Well I've finally done it ........... booked a stall at a craft fair, after months and months of thinking about it. It's a monthly event and I finally got around to popping along to suss it all out. It's in a beautiful venue, there is a cafe- bonus!- and the people who run it are lovely. Considering it was a beautiful sunny August Saturday there was quite a lot of footfall too, so I am quite hopeful for even more potential customers when I make my first appearance there in October. I've also provisionally booked for November and December. This will be my very first craft fair, so I'm both excited and a little nervous, but even if I only make one sale I will be a happy bunny, though of course I'm hoping for many more than that!

I'm now thinking about what I need to do in preparation:

Make more stock including lots of things for Christmas.

Order Carrier bags.

Order some Labels.

Buy price tags.

Make sure I have enough business cards.

Accumulate some display items.

Make a table cloth.......

I'm sure I've forgotten!............


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