Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Simple felt phone case tutorial

I thought it was time for another quick tutorial, this time for a basic felt phone case. This case is so quick and simple to make that you can get your children making them as gifts!


Stiff paper or card to make the pattern
Short piece of ribbon

Step 1.  Make your pattern by measuring your phone. Double the length and add 10 cm, add 3 cm to the width. At the top mark  0.5 cm either side of the centre  and 5 cm down from the top at each side, join these marks to form a blunt point, this will be the flap. You now have your basic pattern.

Step 2. Lay the pattern piece on the felt, pin in place and cut out.

Step 3. Fold up the bottom of the felt to about 3 cm below the bottom of the flap and check that your phone will fit with a bit of room top and bottom, pin in place.

Step 3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 2 cm longer than the width of your case and place it on the felt about 1.5 cm down from the top edge. Tuck the ends between the two layers of felt and pin in place.

Step 4. Sew up the side edges. This can just as easily be done by hand.

Et voila! Your case is finished!

Just pop your phone in and..

..tuck the flap under the ribbon to secure

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