Friday, 14 June 2013

Losing my way

I've not done any sewing for the last couple of weeks,  which is unheard of, I think I have 'sewer's block'! Instead I've been concentrating on Jewellery making as I find it relaxing and therapeutic. I'm not planning on giving up bag making, but I feel that I've lost my creative identity. When I first started making bags I had a clear idea of the look I was aiming for - vintage style glamour. At the time I was only making evening bags but have since expanded my range considerably. I've had lots of advice from well meaning friends and family... " you should try making ..." But as a result I've kind of lost my way. My shops no longer have a signature style and I think that it's important to have one. If you do, people know what to expect in your shop and will hopefully bookmark it for when they are in the market for whatever it is that you sell. So I'm going to return to making things that I love - vintage inspired glamour and shabby chic - rather than what I think will sell. I think your passion for making things you love shines through in your work and though  many people may not like the same things as you, it's a given that a fair few will.    So from now on I plan to make sure that my makes have a style of their own, it may take me a while to get it right but I'm sure I'll enjoy the journey.

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