Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shabby chic anyone?

I recently decided to create a collection of shabby chic bags. I have long been a fan of all things shabby chic and thought a collection of bags in lovely fabrics would be perfect for the Spring and Summer. A few weeks ago I was in a local fabric store and saw some gorgeous fabric on the remnants counter. Normally I only buy fabrics in metre lengths as I only make one of a kind bags or very limited runs, but this remnant was nearly 3 metres! What to do? I ummed and aahed and eventually walked away. Once home though I regretted my decision.  A couple of weeks later I was back in the same store - would my fabric still be there? Yes! Fabric bought, I took it home to decide which bag design to make first.

I chose my 'Helen' design which is a hobo bag that I felt would perfectly complement the fabric. 'Helen' was made and I posted a photo on facebook, the post was shared and the bag was sold along with a custom order!

I decided that a 'Jo' bag would be next to be made up this fabric, I was very pleased with the result; I listed it on my website and posted a photo on facebook again... and a few hours later the bag sold! I was stunned... had I stumbled onto something? 

When I was in town the following day I picked up some more fabric that I thought might fit the bill (though I still have a fair bit of the original fabric left).

The new fabric

I made another 'Jo' in one of the new fabrics and listed it yesterday. It hasn't sold yet but I am still more than pleased with the result and I'm looking forward to making many more bags in these gorgeous fabrics, and I'm really excited about creating my first collection.

'Jo' Mark II


  1. Well done on your sales! Very pretty bags.

  2. I can see why Jo sold so quickly, totally gorgeous bag. Good luck with the rest of your bags which I'm sure will sell quickly. Love the colours and the designs.

    Linda xx