Thursday, 14 February 2013

Folksy Friday - Wool

This weeks Folksy Friday's material of choice is Wool.  Not all wool comes from Sheep; Cashmere and Mohair comes from the fleece of Goats, Angora from Rabbits and Alpaca from a type of camel. Wool is a very versatile fibre which can be woven, knitted or felted and it has great insulating properties. Natural wool is usually a creamy white colour though it can come in black, brown, silver or random mixes.

Here is this weeks selection - hope you like them...

Love this cushion by  Lainey Drew Textiles

Wish I'd made this bag, it's from  Jenny Gale

A lovely  traditional Peg Rug  from  nellie and eve

A pretty felted neck scarf by  BEAUTIFULFELTS

A cute teal felt bowl with lid from  That Fuzzy Feeling

Love the colours in this hand knitted Fairisle wool beret by  Mezzaluna bags & berets

Gorgeous handwoven wrap from  Mingled Yarn

This funky felt fish brooch is great, it's by MADE WITH LOVE

A stunning Merino wool painting from  The Mucky Pup Gallery

And finally from me a wool Kindle cover  Wild Rose Designs

thanks for looking  ..  :-)



  1. Such great items! All handmade which shows you how brilliant wool can be... great post & thanks for including me.

    I love the bag by Jenny Gale - so talented. (As are all the other makers).

  2. Lovely selection. That bag is really nice.