Thursday, 31 January 2013

Folksy Friday - Silk

Yet another week has flown by, where does the time go? I know they say that you slow down as you get older, but this is ridiculous  - and I'm not in my dotage yet! I think like most of us, it's a case of wearing too many different hats!

Anyway, continuing with my materials theme, this weeks Folksy Friday is about Silk. Now we all know that silk comes from the cocoons of the larvae of the silk moth caterpillar, but did you know that the shimmering lustre of silk is due to the triangular, prism like structure of the silk fibres which allows the cloth  to refract incoming light at different angles thereby producing different colours! I love silk, or more precisely silk dupion. I love it's slubbed texture and the way it shimmers and it comes in some stunning colours. Here is my selection for this week:

This is a beautiful hand painted silk scarf from  Ellie Hipkin Hand Painted Silks

Some love silk papers by  Fantasytextiles

Cute silk Mary Janes from  WINNIBRIGGS HOUSE

Gorgeous colours in this lovely hair clip from  Kwur-kee

Some unusual silk bowls by  foto art paper craft

 This Kimono top is lovely, it's by  MistressCollection

A lovely silk ribbon embroidered scented sachet from  handmade by susanjane

A stunning silk Flower girl dress by  Gilly Gray

A gorgeous grey silk taffeta rose necklace from  The TatteredRose

And finally from me, a blue silk bag  Wild Rose Designs

I hope you enjoyed my selection..



  1. What lovely items. The necklace is stunning and I love the colour of your bag. Thank you for including my shoes, it's really kind of you.