Thursday, 22 November 2012

Folksy Friday - Christmas decorations

I haven't done a Folksy Friday since the beginning of November and now we're only days away from December so I think a theme of Christmas deckies is in order. I love, love, love Christmas and I love to decorate the house. We always have two trees, a real one in the conservatory and an artificial one in the porch. My Granddaughter does the porch tree and we all decorate the one in the conservatory, well apart from my OH who just stands and admires. Oh and we usually have a little drinky poo while we decorate, well it is Christmas!
Here's this weeks selection:

These shabby chic Christmas trees are so pretty, they're from  PANTSANDPAPER

Love these Santas, they're by  Hettie & Mabel

This cute trio of reindeer are from  The Dreaming Hare

Even your teapot can look Christmasy,  it's from  The Crafty Bride

How about this Christmas 'knitiviy'  from  Wiggys Mum

This cute Santa is by  Coggsy Coops Creations

This lovely glass star is from  Gooseberry Fool

This pretty Christmas wreath is by  Handcrafted Hannah

A stunning heirloom Christmas stocking from  Rosie Bears Crafts

And lastly, from me, a Christmas tree garland  Wild Rose Designs

Hope you enjoyed my selection, thanks for looking,



  1. Lovely selection of Christmas decs! That wreath is gorgeous and your garland is very cute!

    Debbie x

    1. Thanks Debby, I could spend a fortune if only I had one! :)