Monday, 9 July 2012

Another Bag maker in the family?

As part of their DT (design and technology) lessons this term, my Granddaughter's class had to make a bag.  They were allowed to design a bag of their choice, but it had to be based on one of the following shapes; a drawstring bag, a bag with handles or a strap, or a laptop pouch. They were able to get ideas from existing bags, but their design had to be original and have a distinctive feature. Many of her classmates chose a very basic shopping bag design, ie: a long strip of fabric folded in the middle and stitched up at the sides. A bit too basic for 13 year olds I think, but then again I'm not a Teacher. But, that was definitely too basic for my Grandaughter, who I shall refer to as E.

E's intial ideas

E expanding on one of her designs

E's final design - a Button Bag! Designed to look like a giant button but one of the most difficult shapes to sew, especially as it closed with a Zip!

I did give her some help, most of the other children had help from family members. But though I told her what needed to be done and how she should go about doing it, she did all the sewing herself. She even put the zip in herself and I think she did a great job!

She's very proud of her finished bag - as she should be. I think it looks great!  I may have a rival..............



  1. Wow, your granddaughter is very ambitious, and the bag looks really good.

  2. Thanks. Yes she is, I think she has designs on the business......