Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I'm always striving for perfection, I just can't help myself! When I design a new bag or accessory, I have in my head a picture of what it will look like when it's finished.......... and it's always perfect! Utterly perfect. The reality, when it's finished always falls short of my expectations. Is this a fault in my work or in my character?
Is it actually possible to achieve that level of perfection  in a handmade item? or in fact in anything? And more to the point is it desirable? Doesn't the term 'Handmade' imply that the item will have little imperfections? And isn't it those very imperfections, slight and almost imperceptible though they may be, which give the item it's charm and desirability? I'm not trying to knock other people's work, quite the opposite. Other people's work always seem so much more perfect than mine. But I think this is really all about perception, we crafters are always super critical about our work seeing imperfections where others can't. I know that if I pick up any item in any shop, no matter how expensive that item is, I can always find faults if I look hard enough, but I still can't stop myself from trying to produce an item that is perfect....


  1. I think that the creative mind always strives for perfection but the reality is that few things are totally perfect, and it's the small things that could be regarded as imperfections that can add character. As a gardener I tend to think of flowers, even the most stunning bloom usually has small imperfections of some sort, but it doesn't matter, it's the overall effect that matters! Same with crafted items, and I have to say I've never noticed any imperfections in any of the items I've bought from you, and as you know I have several and they are all totally gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for that Margaret. My family always look at me with puzzled expressions on their faces whenever I complain that something I've made is less than perfect.I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!